What is FEEDLY?    Well, Feedly is a tool, the good kind, that helps you view things with less searching. If you’re like me, you hate boring. Feedly filters websites and articles and shows you only what they know you’d be interested in. Or at least that’s what I think it does. I’m still pretty new to it. To start this thing up, I have subscribe for 10 feeds (a.k.a. topics) that interest me, half to be of personal interest, plus half for professional purposes.


Here’s my screenshot! This is a screenshot of my feed on my mobile phone (explains why the right side looks crappy). I’m gonna go ahead and explains the different categories I set for myself.

My FEED……ly (haha):

Cinema: Cinema is where I view most updates, news and reviews when it comes to movies and television. Here is where I keep in touch with latest on marvel movies and dc news. One of the few apps i use for this is “Variety”.

Comics: Comics is where I get all my news in comic books and graphic novels, here I learn the latest in the industry where I watch reviews, and know which comic books I should be recommended for the month. I personally follow Marvel Comics and DC Comics.

Food: Cooking is one of the few hobbies I have and in this category I’m subscribed to most cook shows, books and apps, where I get knew recipes to learn and make as well as search for places where to eat.

Gaming: Gaming is where it’s at, it’s my favorite pass time and what I do most when I want to have fun with my friends. Here I watch reviews, see trailers, and get insight scoops in the development of games to come. This is where I was able to keep up with incoming news from the previously released spider-man game. I also use this category to see which games I would like to purchase. I follow  “Game Stop” and other  places I like to use.

History:  This particular category isn’t that really important to me, as the only time I do use it, i to keep up with articles when it comes to old-school history for class projects.

KeepMe Up To Date: This one is my favorite among all of them, here I keep in touch with the media and what’s going socially around the every social media feed as well as entertainment like before, but here I have it as a means to see everybody’s cooments and opinions.

News: Here I check what goes on around the world. Vague, I know.

Radio: I listen to my favorite podcasts and radio shows here, and keep myself updated on what topics they talk about as well as keeping my eyes peeled for every knew episode.

Science: Like history, I use this one as means to learn more and more of all things that have to do with science, physics, nature, chemistry? You name it. This is where I get my homework from.

Travel: And finally “travel”. I’ve never traveled, and I’m really excited to do so, so I use this one to learn more about it as well as the recommended airline I’d like and should use. FIRST STOP…Canada.


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