Reflexion: My Final Thoughts…

The Experience…

It’s been an experience in this class, and honestly I did not know what to expect from the very beginning. I knew once I started college things would be different, and this class was an example. And it was a true learning experience (well…eh?), let me rephrase that, it’s been an experience. Not to sound like a spoiled sport, but I already knew most of the stuff we were taught during the semester, although there were a few interesting lessons, like coding, finding my identity around the web, and find different ways to browse the web in ways that i normally wouldn’t, sadly my lazy butt will just stick to looking up comics, watch youtube videos and stalk wikipedia for my homework. And given that I already knew most of this stuff, it made the class much more easier for me and I think for more students.

There are some stuff I would like to change here and there, I would like to talk more depth in  the class rather than just stick to the basics, on how I can insert letters into a search box, or how I can delete my search history (a thing that I am sure half of the world’s population already knows how to do), I just wish it didn’t feel like a cake walk…then again, that final was no joke. So I can’t complain.

But In the end i’d just like to thank the professor and the rest of my classmates for this experience, without him or them I wouldn’t be here writing this right now (literally). I’ll never forget that day where I first walked into class and saw a Mac on every table, the 10 year old in me was screaming, it’s the very thing I imagined college classes would be like, so I was pretty happy since the day one. And I’m just all around grateful that I got to meet such amazing people, I even made a best friend and I’ll always cherish and will never let go. I hate to say goodbye to this class (*cough*), but it’s time for me to move on and continue with the rest of semesters to come. And as for ComicVerse, we’ll see what the future holds for this blog.

This is your friendly neighborhood college student saying….


d047ca36cf6f9f489f899be5c6bbd90f.jpgImage owned by Marvel Comics.


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