My thoughts on the internet. (Class Reflection)

The world of the internet is huge, very huge. It can be compared to the likes of the ocean, a place where we’ve only reached and touched the surface but nothing more, it’s a scary feeling to be honest. But in many ways it has helped me connect with people, and it can prove to be quite entertaining and helpful, to the point that it has become part of my daily life cycle, and I feel like it’s only growing every day. Who knows what more I’ll discover, it’s like stumbling on a blackhole, who knows where it will take me or what i’ll find…

Heres a visual representation lol:


Heck, heres some of its perks:

(Hope he used those $170 dollars on food…….I’m hungry).

apps blur button close up
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On the subject of the internet, one of the biggest highlights for me is browsing. Whether it is used for searching information, or looking for entertainment, browsing in one of the main highlights for me when it comes to the internet. It may be a simple tool but it’s much more evolved and sophisticated than that. Like I said before, for me the internet is a nothing but a big blackhole and most people today only use a speck of it. One of my favorite browsers is Google Chrome, I love it because I find it fast and comfortable to use, because it’s the one I’ve been mainly using ever since I first found out about the internet. To give you a background on Google, I will share with you a video made by one of my favorite youtubers, where in this he discusses and shows some facts behind the company on where it’s been and some interesting things you might not even know…

Source: (Creator: “Lemmino”)

Back on the subject of the internet’s size… It is big, it can be fun, but also dangerous. Theres a side to the internet you may not know, a dark place, where it is almost impossible to find. The dark web, the dark web is deepest you can ever go on the internet, where you’ll only find some of the most gruesome websites out there, where it is anything but legal. And it IS very impossible to find, cause like I said, the internet is huge. Heres another video made by Lemmino where he discusses some facts about the dark web.


Source: (Creator: Lemmino)

The internet can be fun, it can be helpful, but it can be also dangerous, which is why I always use it with precaution, and you should too. That’ll be all for this post, see ya’ll in the next one!








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